Successful Leadership Workshop


Our leadership workshop for VWS was well-received by business leaders across several industries. Here’s what some of them had to say:

  • This workshop had the most positive interaction of any class I’ve attended.  I’ve attended a lot.

  • My company would definitely benefit from more training like this.

  • I especially enjoyed the monotasking module.  It was set-up very well.

  • Intelligent.  Useful.  Beautifully presented.  A work of instructional art.

  • Those in attendance were highly-skilled professionals.  The way your courses involved learner contributions throughout the material was brilliant.  It’s hard to improve on today’s format.

  • Well-thought out, actively engaging.  Light-hearted at times.

  • I loved the concepts and calling out the flaws of multitasking.

  • I’ve already recommended this to the HR head and will follow-up.

  • I'd heard of these micro-modules and was curious. Now that I've taken 2 of them, I feel they're invaluable to having a productive and happy workplace.

  • These modules are short enough where your attention is still intact, and you learn valuable information that is needed to everyone in the organization.

  • All backed by prominent research.  Loved it!

  • Very helpful!

  • I think it was important for colleagues to hear from a professional speaker with studies as proof.

  • This workshop is crucial for any organization.

  • Great format!

  • Sooooo good.

  • Felt well-constructed & researched.

  • Feels critical.

  • Better than expected.

  • So good.  Thanks for keeping on time!

  • Great content.  Great speaker.

  • I loved the clear examples on screen and the time to discuss.

  • Engaging!

  • Questions and discussions kept me engaged throughout the workshop.

  • Definitely worth my time!

  • These are necessary for the workplace and the thought of not having had them makes me wonder how we've made it this far.

  • Always good to see I’m not alone.

  • Awesome morning!

  • Quick, to-the-point information to improve staff, departments, and divisions.

  • I thought the workshop was great!

  • Loved the mono-tasking module!

  • Questions and discussions kept me engaged throughout the workshop.

  • Loved it!  Blew away expectations.

  • Both courses are topics I’ve been trying to master.

  • I’m bringing this up to other HR professionals in the area.

  • Personally, I would have enjoyed a whole day of this.

  • On target.  Fun.  Engaging.

  • Exceeded my expectations.

  • Loved the pace.

  • Already thinking of ways to implement your ideas.