A Morning with L&D Professionals


We offered a half-day workshop in Dallas, Texas with L&D professionals across a wide range of industries. We shared 3 of our training modules and it was well received.

The scope of our training curriculum was aimed at helping organizations develop higher work IQ’s, improved decision-making skills, and enhanced empathy.



An introductory course that explores several facets of incivility and its effect on team dynamics.


How to break multi-tasking’s illusion of productivity and gain productive control.


How to understand and channel negative energy in productive ways.

The quick hit of microtraining is exactly what individuals and organizations are desirous of right now. I believe you have the right balance of substance and interactive/experiential learning.
— Melissa Labor, L&D Professional


Course Facilitator

Chris Kendrick is a consultant, speaker and trainer with two decades experience helping organizations large and small solve the “Culture Equation.”

His work with corporations across the world, like Bank of America, OfficeMax, Ford, Subaru, and American Express give him a unique insight into many of the problems today’s businesses face.

 Chris was a contributing writer on the book The Daily Carrot Principle, a handbook for daily employee recognition.

 In his spare time Chris enjoys photography, 4 children, and…acting!  He was in an episode of “ER” and once had a scene with Anthony Hopkins.  He also once met Bobby Brown in the Dallas Airport.