Sales Development Team


We had a short trip to Puerto Vallarta to interview, select and train two dedicated outbound sales development reps for one of the companies we’re launching, Values Worth Sharing. That leadership development company is starting to take off - and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

We’re hosting a live workshop for executives next Thursday in Dallas. Chris Kendrick will be facilitating our workshop. The courses we’ll be sharing are:


An introductory course that explores several facets of incivility and its effect on team dynamics.


How to break multi-tasking’s illusion of productivity and gain productive control.


How to understand and channel negative energy in productive ways.

Our live workshop is filled with brilliant insights, useful tools, and tips on how to best engage your teams. Rest assured you’ll walk away with quality tools and insights on moving the needle with your organizations.


Chris Kendrick is a consultant, speaker and trainer with two decades experience helping organizations large and small solve the “Culture Equation.”

His work with corporations across the world, like Bank of America, OfficeMax, Ford, Subaru, and American Express give him a unique insight into many of the problems today’s businesses face.

 Chris was a contributing writer on the book The Daily Carrot Principle, a handbook for daily employee recognition.

 In his spare time Chris enjoys photography, 4 children, and…acting!  He was in an episode of “ER” and once had a scene with Anthony Hopkins.  He also once met Bobby Brown in the Dallas Airport.

One of the conference’s star performers. Chris’s energy and sincerity kept the audience engaged from intro to wrap-up. He balanced humor and serious anecdotes with a personal style that made everyone true believers.
— Chad Jones, Director, Corporate Communication, Questar Corporation